Zettlr: Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Zettlr! On these pages, we help you get started with the app to supercharge your own writing. If you haven't yet gotten your own copy of Zettlr, head over to the download page and get it for your Operating System! If you need help installing Zettlr, please consult the setup instructions! It is also recommended to set up Pandoc and LaTeX to enable all importing and exporting functionality of Zettlr. Don't worry, it's really easy!

When you're set, choose an entry-point into the documentation:

Learn Zettlr in 5 Minutes

Don't want to waste time? Head over to our very-quick start guide! After five minutes you'll know everything you need to know to write.

User Guides

Have a look at our user guides so that you can learn all workflows. This documentation is not focused around features, it is focused around workflows. Here you can read about single workflows that you are likely to be using, step by step.


Everyone can become very quick and efficient at his or her workflow, but can you really excel without a deep knowledge about how something works? Shortcuts to mundane tasks and key combinations for speeding up common tasks as well as hidden features of Zettlr are explained here. Learn how to move whole paragraphs around with two clicks or how to link to websites with only one click in these advanced guides.

Translating Zettlr

Currently, Zettlr is only available in English, German and French. But according to the internetâ„¢, there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages on the world. So any help is welcome in translating the app. You can download all languages that have already been translated over at our translation page and even get into into translating it yourself! Do you want to translate the app into a language that is not offered at the page? Simply drop us a note, and we'll add it!