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A supercharged markdown editor that focuses on researchers in the arts and humanities:
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Since its inauguration by John Gruber in 2004, Markdown has made its way up to the top of writing styles. By now, there are numerous different markdown editors from very simple applications that are designed for pure note keeping towards the most complex editors that not only support markdown but numerous other languages as well.

Zettlr enters this broad field with a clear aim in mind: To provide the ability to take notes and write scientific papers for researchers from the arts and humanities, a group that has been underrepresented in recent developments.

The features currently supported already make for a long list. Among the most useful features for writing are:

  • Manage your files and folders directly from within the app
  • Know what's inside your files on the first view with snippets
  • Quickly preview files without closing your current file using Quicklook
  • Search for anything using powerful search operators
  • Keep an overview over the amount you write using the word counter
  • Access the most important commands using the comfortable toolbar
  • Export your files to the formats you need most and share them with your colleagues
  • … and many more

Accessible demonstration

All your content in one list — Zettlr is accessible by design.

Clean demonstration

Unobtrusive design, a clean style and consistency in look & feel across platforms.

Find demonstration

Zettlr features a powerful search that delivers you exactly what you want to find.

Multilingual demonstration

With multiple translations coming shipped you can feel at home.

Keeps your Back demonstration
Got your back

Using the popular hunspell dictionaries, Zettlr helps you find these little typos.

Share demonstration

Export and share your files in one click using pandoc and LaTeX.

Why another editor?

With so many great markdown editors out there, the question remains why another one is necessary. I am a political theorist and therefore need to read a huge amount of files as well as keeping notes for each and every one. This makes it necessary that I keep all of my files as open as possible and also searchable.

Additionally, I tend to write my papers using as less markup and styles as possible. Word processors as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice are simply not made for easy and focused writing. That's why there is markdown. It keeps apart your content and your final styling of a text. This way you are not distracted by all the neat formatting options word processors offer you and focus only on your content. Styling is applied in a second step.

Zettlr solves all of these problems in one single app. With Zettlr I can write in one file, simultaneously copy text from other files and finally export my papers using the powerful open source platforms pandoc and PDFLaTeX. Simply put: Zettlr is the get-together of the best features of existing solutions while enhancing the bad!

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Zettlr is available for all platforms. It comes pre-build for the following:

  • macOS (10.9 or higher)
  • Windows (7 or higher)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 or higher and Debian 8)

To download, simply head over to the latest release at GitHub:

Download at GitHub


Want to get right into using Zettlr? Then head over to our documentation!