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You don't have to trust us when we say Zettlr is one of the best Markdown editors out there. Trust other people! This page contains a listing of all press appearances that Zettlr has received in the past. Feel free to stroll through the list, or message us, if your review is missing! Logo/Name usage rights.

»I don't want to transform this post into a complete review of the app: Let us keep it to a strong recommendation. Zettlr is an excellent tool for taking research notes, circulating within your articles and notes, and for exporting. Since it does neither create its own file structure nor uses bizarre syntax, testing it out has no consequences. Additionally, it is complementary to software such as StackEdit for editing your Markdown in the cloud.«

Arthur Perret, hypotheses.org (Source)

»Overall, I think that Zettlr is a good option for a first time Markdown user. It has features that many Markdown editors already have and adds a few more for those who only ever used word processors.«

John Paul Wohlscheid, itsfoss.com (Source)

»Taking everything into account, Zettlr is indeed a very compelling markdown editor that is primarily aimed at users who do a lot of writing and besides the run-of-the-mill features also need to organize their documents within under a single roof.«

Bladimir Ciobica, softpedia.com (Source)

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We love to see reviews, tutorials, videos and guides that refer to Zettlr. While the editor itself can be used free of charge under the GNU GPL v3 license, the brand has restricted usage rights which is meant to prevent unintended harm. If you would like to use the logo on your page or in your app, or refer to it in any other way, we have collected a list of use-cases here for easy reference.

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