Beta Phase for 1.2 has started!

The next release is turning to the finish line. To make it the perfect next release, we would like to introduce yet another beta phase so we can make sure it's the best version there is. Find out how you can help make it happen!

Posted in Announcements, Releases on February 19, 2019

We're proud to announce that the beta phase for the 1.2 release has just been started. You can download the beta releases from GitHub, as they won't be announced in the app or displayed on the download page.

Speaking of announcement: From this beta version on (and, therefore, the stable 1.2 as well), you'll have the means to opt-in to the beta program. If you check the responsible setting in the preferences dialog (Advanced tab), you'll be notified of beta-releases as well and don't have to monitor the GitHub releases page!

Tick this option to be notified of beta releases

If you want to beta test, we warmly welcome your feedback. Please make sure to especially test the new features as indicated in the accompanying changelog while also testing the already-implemented.

We rely on you for providing us with feedback to make sure the next release will be the best version of Zettlr so far. We invest a lot of free time into the development and would love to see some of you investing a few hours as well to help us achieve the goal of providing the world with the most advanced writing program there is!

P.S.: We also set up an RSS feed for those of you who want to stay up to date! You can find it here.

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