Zettlr 1.2.1 Released

Zettlr 1.2.1 is here! It addresses many problems and irregularities and makes Zettlr more beautiful, because we gave the app a refurbish. Read the full announcement here!

Posted in Releases on March 22, 2019

It has been only two weeks since the release, but again we've managed to stuff a lot of new things into a new release. As the number indicates, this release is a patch — there are no new features included. Instead, what you'll get is an improved user interface and strong enhancements of the functionality.

Apart from bugs that have managed to sneak themselves in release 1.2, we've finally fixed the misbehaviour of the Markdown shortcuts. If you apply a block format using the context menu or the formatting toolbar menu, the formatting will be correctly applied every time.

Furthermore, we've improved the user interface a lot. We've got rid of the somewhat antique-looking borders around the file list and the directory tree. Additionally, we've made the colours look way more beautiful and doubled down on the pastel colour palette. The dark mode is now even more elegant with a darker skin, emphasising the night-blueish feeling.

Additionally, you will notice that the Quicklook windows do not open in the old overlay mode anymore. Now they'll directly receive their own, dedicated window. This way the app follows modern design principles and removes a lot of unnecessary bloat. Apart from this, the only thing that has changed in the feels of the app is the "Find" functionality. For a long time you could make use of regular expressions to search for patterns instead of exact matches. Now, Zettlr will automatically detect when you begin writing a regular expression and aid you by displaying the search field in a monospaced font, so that all the operators are clearly distinguishable.

In conclusion, we think that Zettlr is a magnificent app that proves to be serious competition to the long-standing giants of text editing, and as it is receiving more and more updates, we hope to surpass them in no time. Additionally, we would like to thank our community for all the bug reports and improvement suggestions. Without these nice people, Zettlr wouldn't be what it is today. Thank you all!

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