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Here you can download Zettlr for many different operating systems. We strive to offer it for as many platforms as possible. Due to community efforts, we are proud for being able to offer options for Homebrew, Chocolatey, and Arch Linux as well.

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Regular installer packages

Which version do I need? Zettlr comes in two flavors for each platform: Regular 64bit packages, and ARM-based 64bit packages. If you own a regular 64bit computer, the ARM-version will not run, and vice versa, so make sure to download the correct package for your computer. A simple heuristic:
  • If you're on Linux, you most likely already know if you need the arm64-version and can skip this disclaimer
  • If you're using a Mac, it depends on the generation: Macs that have Apple Silicon chips (e.g., M1, M2) require arm64, Intel-based Macs require x64.
  • If in doubt, check the system information for your processor architecture (64bit processors often tell you that they are 'x86_64')

macOS 11.6.0 or newer

Apple Silicon

Windows 10 or newer

64 bit


64 bit
64 bit ARM


64 bit
64 bit ARM


64 bit
64 bit ARM

Further options

On macOS, you can install Zettlr using Homebrew. Just make sure, Homebrew is installed and then run the following line of code in a terminal window:

$ brew install --cask Zettlr

The Brew installer will grab the newest release from our official GitHub releases page. Thanks to GitHub user Tim Shadel for adding Zettlr to the Homebrew repository!

On Linux, you can install Zettlr as a FlatHub package. This requires FlatHub to be installed on your system. To install Zettlr via FlatHub, head over to Zettlr's store page:

Install Zettlr via FlatHub

The FlatHub releases will be built off the binaries from GitHub utilizing the code that is in this repository. Thanks to GitHub user Lunarequest for adding Zettlr to the FlatHub store!

On Windows, you can install Zettlr using Chocolatey. Install the Zettlr package by running the following line of code in a command window:

C:\> choco install zettlr

Please note that the Chocolatey repository is managed by a third-party, not by us. Thanks to mkevenaar for adding Zettlr there!

Zettlr binaries are also available for setup on Arch Linux as a regular package. Setup instructions.

These binaries are provided by third-party supporters who compile the app regularly. Make sure to double-check them before installing!

Beta Releases

Especially before bigger releases, we start beta phases in order to make sure to find as many bugs as possible before the actual release. Betas are a great way to experience new features and cutting edge functionality before most others, so if you're keen on getting the very latest versions, you can find potential beta releases directly on our GitHub releases page. You can also select "Notify me about beta releases" in the app's preferences to receive those beta releases like regular releases.

Go to GitHub Releases

Nightly Releases

We also offer nightly releases. Nightlies are releases that are compiled right from the most recent changes in the codebase. This means: no release is more "cutting edge", but it also means there might be a lot of bugs in them. We recommend these releases for more advanced users who want to always have the most recent features.

View the Nightly Releases

Older Releases

Sometimes it might be necessary to temporarily downgrade to an older release. You can find those on our GitHub releases page as well. But please note that we do not support any older release, so do not install older releases unless you know what you're doing!

Go to GitHub Releases

Next Steps

Read the Documentation

With an incredible amount of functionality, Zettlr can prove overwhelming sometimes. The documentation helps you don't get lost in the app!

Support the Project

Zettlr is a Free and Open Source App (FOSS). This means that we provide the app free of charge. However, server costs, certificates, and other bills incur running costs on maintaining the app. Therefore, we'd like to kindly ask for either a one-time donation via PayPal, or becoming a patron over at Patreon, which helps us keep the project alive.

Join the Community

For any Open Source project, a live community is one of the most important things. The community supports new users, helps with housekeeping such as translating the app, and suggests new features. Being part of a community is an awesome treat we strongly recommend!

Thank you for downloading Zettlr!

Thank you for choosing Zettlr! After the download finishes, install it according to your operating system's normal installation routine. If you need help with that, our documentation contains an extensive setup guide.

After setup, read through the interactive tutorial inside the app to get started quickly. Whenever you get stuck, read our documentation which explains every feature in detail, and also contains a set of guides for setting up various things.

If you are stuck and the documentation can't help you out, or if you have specific requirements, make sure to join Zettlr's big community around the web: We're here to help you! You can find the community on Discord and Reddit. And in case you spot an error, we're happy if you report it on GitHub.

Last but not least, we would like to ask for your support. If the app helps you, make sure to become a supporter on Patreon or send a one-time amount via PayPal. Your support is well appreciated and helps pay for the servers and other related costs.

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